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IV Hydration

Vitamins and supplementation cocktails specifically designed to help replenish

and restore what your body needs. 

Splash of Water

Our Infusion Cocktails

IV Infusion Wellness Memberships

Inspired by the great diving spots around the world, Reef Retreat MedSpa is launching IV Infusion Wellness Memberships.

Reef Retreat MedSpa offers a wide variety of IV Hydration options including the Meyer's Cocktail, designed to boost your immune system and restore your energy. Whether you want to increase your energy, fight fatigue, or get over a hangover, Reef Retreat MedSpa has a drip to maximize your health and wellness.

*Memberships are a 3-month Commitment and subject to Auto-Draft/Auto Renewal. No transfer of membership and no rollover to the next month if IV’s have not been used. 

IV Hydration

Price List

  • Myer's Cocktail                   $130
  • Game Day                              $150
  • Party Express                       $150
  • Get Up and Go!                    $130
  • Mental Clarity                      $130
  • Stress Relief                          $150
  • Immune Booster                 $150
  • NAD+                                       $250
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid             $50
  • Glutathione                           $50-$100
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