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Specials & Promotions

Every month, Reef Retreat MedSpa will offer special packages or promotions for our loyal customers. 

Summer Specials


  • Botox and Jeuveau wrinkle relaxers $12/unit

  • Dysport wrinkle relaxer $4/unit

  • Medical Weight Management for just $499/month Including

    • Weekly visits with a medical provider​

    • Medications

    • Free B-12 Shots

    • Weekly body scans with our Inbody 570 Body Analyzer (See Below)

    • Free use of our infrared sauna


Call today to secure an appointment.

Offers valid through August 31st, 2024. Cannot be combined with any other offer.

Call 910-707-0365 to book now!

The InBody 570 is a body composition analyzer used in medical, wellness, and fitness fields. It’s part of the advanced InBody BCA (Body Composition Analyzer) line. Let’s explore its features:

  1. Accurate Measurements in Less Than 45 Seconds:

    • The InBody 570 provides precise body composition analysis, including:

      • Percent Body Fat

      • Skeletal Muscle Mass

      • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

      • Total Body Water

      • Visceral Fat assessment

      • Other vital measurements12.

    • Its quick measurement time makes it efficient for both clients and practitioners.

  2. Result Sheet Insights:

  3. Segmental Lean Analysis:

  4. ECW/TBW Analysis:

  5. Visceral Fat and Segmental Fat Analysis:

  6. Body Composition History:

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